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Penstocks have many applications in the arrest and control of liquid flow. They are used on Waterways, Power plants, Industrial effluent plants, Drainage and Flood control as well as being used in large numbers on water, waste water and sewage treatment plants.

Penstocks, unlike valves, are normally fitted into or onto the civil structure formwork either in channels or over an aperture in a wall. The channels and apertures are sized to accept a range of flow situations and the penstocks are required to suit. This requirement alone dictates that they are a bespoke product.

Consideration has to be given to a number of other parameters, these include:

  • Penstock type - Open, shut, modulating, weir
  • Mounting configuration - Channel, Wall, Thimble
  • Seating direction - On, Off
  • Pressure - Static, Operational
  • Operation/Operator - Manual, Prime mover, (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)

Our standard range includes sizes from 100mm to more than 3000mm, but each Ham Baker Adams penstock is individually designed to specific customer requirements and a general arrangement drawing produced for approval prior (if required) to manufacture.

Following initial selection, thrust and torque values are calculated in order to determine the operating equipment size. For high head and large sizes, FEA (finite element analysis) is used to ensure the most cost effective and suitable design.

Channel penstocks normally operate at door depth pressure, but wall mounted penstocks of both cast iron and fabricated construction can be subject to very high pressures. The use of FEA allows us to design all our penstocks to meet the specific application requirement thus ensuring we can offer the most cost effective solution to your penstock requirements.

Where very high off-seating heads are encountered or where other considerations dictate, consideration should be given to the use of thimble mounting. A wall thimble is similar to a flanged puddle pipe, with geometry and size to suit the particular penstock. Other benefits are gained from the use of a thimble including rapid installation, (simple flange connection), together with the ability to remove the penstock for maintenance.

Standard cast iron penstocks are square, however non standard sizes can be accommodated upon request. Fabricated penstocks can be designed and manufactured to any rectangular or square size. We will be pleased to discuss any general or specific requirements you may have.

A range of Handstops and Stoplogs are available for lighter duties and temporary damming applications. These are made to the same high standards as the penstocks and can be provided in a range of materials – please see the relevant section for more details.

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