Flood Defence Solution Engineered by Ham Baker for the River Mersey

S-Series Fabricated Penstocks, Flap Valves and Stoplogs used in a Flood Defence and Control Solution

The Problem

Ham Baker was approached by the Environment Agency to devise a flood protection solution for a particularly troublesome location on the River Mersey as it passes through Didsbury in Manchester.

The stretch of river is located adjacent to the Withington Golf Course and in recent history the golf course has been flooded with the Mersey breaking its bank several times resulting in the course being unplayable for a period due to the volume of water on the course.

The Solution

The engineering design team at Ham Baker devised a solution that prevents flooding until the river reaches a level where the whole area will flood.  Once the river height starts to subside, the penstocks and flap valves will then be opened to allow the excess flood water to return safely and quickly through drainage culverts installed on the golf course back into the Mersey.

The solution consisting of Stoplogs (these were used to protect the workforce during installation and will be used for future maintenance), Flap Valves and the new S-Series Fabricated Penstocks was manufactured at the Ham Baker site in Stoke on Trent and installed and commissioned by the in-house Site Services team.

Products deployed in the flood control system


The new flood control system was installed by the Site Services team and is in position and commissioned ready for use.