Ham Baker wins eel screen framework for Anglian Water

Ham Baker Adams has been awarded a framework for the supply and installation of eel-friendly bandscreens by Anglian Water, to upgrade water intakes and outfalls for the next 4 years with possible extensions for a further 4 years. - See more

Ham Baker Adams, Sales Director, Shyam Mallen said:

“To comply with the Eels (England & Wales) Regulations 2009 and EU Directives, we have designed a special fish-friendly screen to aid fish recovery & return (FRR)”.

“We have already successfully supplied fish-friendly screens prior to this award to another water company and have now been awarded Sproughton near Ipswich (£290k) under the framework, with Tinwell (£190k) near Stamford also expected to commence shortly”.

To be installed along the River Gipping for Sproughton and the River Gwash for Tinwell, Ham Baker’s Bandscreens will prevent eels from accidentally being drawn into water intakes and outfalls as they journey to complete their life cycle.

The new framework is in addition to the one already held by Ham Baker Adams for the supply of inlet screens to Anglian Water.