Air Valve – Double Orifice, Triple Function – Reduced Bore - DN50 to DN300

DN50 to DN300 PN 10,16,25 & 40 Temp –10ºC to 80ºC

Flow Media – Clean Water

Applications –Water systems, firefighting and irrigation systems

Available in PN10, PN16, PN25 & PN40  Request Callback

Manufacture:  BS EN ISO 9001:2015 QMS ISO 14001:2004 EM

Design Standard: BS EN 1074 -4 AWWA C512


  • Flange Drilling in accordance to BS EN1092-2
  • Manufacturing standards meets BS EN 1074-4 and AWWA C51
  • Body Ductile Iron
  • Fasteners Stainless Steel
  • Strong Float to prevent damage during water hammer
  • No Arms or levers – prevents vibrating, bending of the float
  • Internal body guide and round wall to keep float moving and liquid turbulence within this area
  • Keeps dirty or corrosive liquids inside the body so no harm to surrounding environment
  • Large air flow through nozzle to cater for high velocity
  • Smooth cage outside of float to keep float moving in guide rail
  • Bottom rubber buffer for collision prevention
  • Outside screen to prevent ingress of insects etc
  • Fully FBE coated inside and outside 250 μm
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steel float