Continuous Chain Raked Screen

Inlet Works and Storm Overflow Screening Equipment

The Continuous Chain Raked Screen is used on inlet works and storm overflows where large concentrations of debris are expected.

Continuous Chain Raked Screen is a front raked bar screen which is best suited to pumped flow systems. Grid depths are selected to suit the water levels that the screen will see in operation. The gap between the top of the grid and discharge point is bridged by a continuous series of solid debris plates. The rakes pull trapped screenings up the bars and debris plates, to the discharge point.

When you order Screens from Ham Baker you receive

  • In-house design & manufacture
  • Time served engineers who will help you get the solution you need
  • Installation from Ham Baker not a third party
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Survey and Inspection
  • Spares in stock to reduce downtime of critical plant
  • Refurbishment and screen rotation services


Continuous Chain Raked Screen

Sewage screening equipment

  • Maximum channel width 4.0m. 
  • Maximum channel depth 12.0m. 
  • Front raked.  Single full width rake head. 
  • Dependent on channel width and depth bar spaces down to 6mm are available. 
  • No washwater required. 
  • Multiple carrier beams give a frequent raking action which ensures high concentrations of debris are effectively removed. 
  • Replaceable rake heads. 
  • Standard screen angle 75° to horizontal. 
  • Debris is removed from the rakes by a pivoted wiper with replaceable UHMW PE blade, at the top of the screen. 
  • Standard material of construction is painted MS structure, grid and rakes, with mild steel zinc plated chains. 
  • Multiple rakes are fastened to two endless chains which are driven by sprockets powered by a shaft mounted gearmotor at the top of the screen. 
  • Chains pass round a wear resistant guide track at the bottom of the screen which removes the need for sprockets and bearing in the flow. 
  • Rectangular or taper section bars. 
  • All screens are bespoke designed for the particular application, and are suitable for installing in new channels or retrofitting in existing channels.
  • Control panel design and install. 
  • ATEX certified screens for use in hazardous areas. 
  • Single, dual or variable speed drive. 
  • Stainless steel 304 or 316 structure, grid, rakes and chains.

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