Coplastix® Flap Valves- Circular

Utilises synthetic material to provide a low maintenance range of flap valves, having high strength and rigidity but which are very sensitive to small differential heads.
  • 100 to 600mm diameter nominal bore
  • Pressure Rating 5.0 metres seating, static head
  • Flush face helps prevent debris build-up
  • Resilient seating with low head loss
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low operating (cracking) head due to light weight
  • Wall or flange mounted
  • Reduced maintenance across the range

Coplastix® flap valves, UK design and manufacture, for modern industrial and domestic effluent environments and protected river and sea outfalls with gravity flows.

Circular Coplastix® flap valves in sizes 100mm bore to 600mm nominal bore only.

Note: Ham Baker recommend a provision of at least 300mm fall away at the invert to prevent fouling of the bottom of the door.

For surface water drainage associated with rivers, estuaries, and seawater outfalls to prevent reverse flow conditions.

Ideal application is final effluent outfalls for the sewage treatment plant, helps avoid flood damage within the works.

Position the flap valve on the outfall structure to avoid the build-up of debris around the invert area. Debris prevents the valve from operating correctly. Sufficient fall-away between the invert of the flap valve and the base of the outfall structure is essential.

Designed for all types of pipe end closures to prevent the entrance of backwater. An inclined seating plane ensures that the valve will operate in a ‘positive close’ position.

Flap valve application on seawater outfalls should be given careful consideration due to turbulence of flow across the flap, mainly when severe wave action is involved, resulting in dislocation of the flap relative to its seals. Wherever possible, the flap valve should be in a shielded position to minimise the effects of extreme wave action.

Ham Baker manufactures a comprehensive range of flap valves.  Generally, most flap valves are of single door type, but double door types are also available.

Flap valves are for wall, flange or thimble mounting applications.