Floating/Decanting Arms

To meet the demand for a satisfactory method of controlling the rate of discharge of waste liquors of all kinds, prior to their entry into Drains and/or Treatment Plants, the Constant Volume design of Floating Arm, illustrated here, was evolved and has been successfully used in many installations.

Fitted into Balancing Tanks or Settling Tanks, the arm is arranged such that the head ‘H’ remains constant over the full depth of drawdown ‘D’, ensuring a substantially constant rate of discharge between top and bottom liquid levels.

The orifice is accurately machined into a U.P.V.C. plate, attached by bolts, for interchangeability, if required.

Standard sizes from 80mm to 375mm, outlet pipe diameter, to discharge up to a maximum of 168 litres per second (2,100 gallons per minute) approx., assuming free discharge at the outlet. We shall be pleased to advise on specific requirements.