Helorf Penstock - Cast Iron (Series 60)

Helorf lever operated circular metal faced penstock suitable for wall mounting.

The Helorf is a method of operating a penstock without the need for a screwed spindle. The penstock opens and closes using a straight lift on an operating handle, activating a lever mechanism that separates the sealing faces and opens the penstock. Pushing the handle down closes the penstock.

The Helorf operator fits the 100-300mm Series 60 range of cast iron penstocks and is supplied as a complete product of Helorf and Series 60.

The length of the operating handle can be varied to suit specific site requirements and optionally drilled to enable the penstock to be held open using a wall hook.

  • Aperture size 100mm – 300mm
  • Faced wedges available in the same material as the sealing faces
  • Fixing bolts supplied on request
  • Wall mounted

Wall mounted circular metal faced penstock with Helorf operation.

Suitable for on-seating pressure as standard. Depending on size it will take a degree of off-seating pressure.

Conventional adjustable wedges are positioned around the door to suit the duty and provide a reasonable degree of watertightness.

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