Paddle Wheel Distributors

The Ham Baker Paddle Wheel Distributor column uses water wheels to drive the rotary arms at a controlled speed. Simple and reliable mechanical design that rotates the distributor with water power at a controlled speed of rotation that can be adjusted.
Feed Arrangement Gravity
Filter bed diameter range 5m to 20m
Flow Range 1 l/s to 25 l/s
Bearing design  Ball bearing
Column Sizes 80mm to 200mm
Asset life 25 years plus
Arm Design Circular or trough
Ambient air temperature -10 to +40 degree C
Materials Mild steel – GRP – Stainless Steel

The Paddle Wheel distributor is very low maintenance.  A  long life distributor for use on smaller works where extended maintenance periods and high reliability are required.

This distributor runs efficiently at all flows, dosing the bed ‘little and often’.  It provides excellent evenness of distribution. Tests have shown significant improvements in all aspects of treatment when compared with a standard syphon operated machine.

The Paddle Wheel distributor uses open trough arms to make for minimal blocking and easy cleaning. It is constructed from corrosion resistant materials, and has a design life of 25 years.

Paddlewheel Distributor
Overhead feed close up