S-Series Fabricated Stainless Steel

Designed & Manufactured in the UK
Operating Specification

Heads   ON-6M   OFF – 6M (larger heads available)

Aperture  150mm – 1000mm Square  (larger apertures available)

Mounting   Wall face  Channel side   Channel rebate

Operation   Manual, Electric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator or a combination with emergency backup

Material   Stainless Steel BSEN 10088    grade 1.4301 (304)   grade 1.4401 (316)

Testing  FAT Testing  Type Tested FEA Verified

Welding   BS EN 1090 

Ham Baker, the recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of penstocks, has listened to their customers and reviewed extensively the whole process from design and manufacture through to installation of penstocks.

The result is a new range of penstocks, entitled the S- Series offer countless benefits to end users.  Central to the review was Ham Baker’s engineering team. Tasked with devising a new design tool and modelling system capable of automating the parameters surrounding penstock construction and performance.  They applied updated materials technology, manufacturing processes and enhanced design analysis to generate the new S-Series of penstocks that match and exceed water industry specifications, including British Standard, AWWA and WIMES.

  • 30% lighter than traditional steel fabricated penstocks.
  • Quicker lead times from quote to order to delivery through a new inhouse design tool
  • S-Series penstock incorporates a standardised sealing system that ensures the integrity and performance of the penstock.
  • Less material used to construct the S-Series results in a lighter door.
    • Requires less energy to operate and for actuated penstocks the capability to downsize the actuator and therefore overall cost to install
    • Less material and manufacturing processes results in less energy needed to build – better carbon footprint
  • Easier and quicker to install, reducing manpower and plant time on site.
  • Low maintenance – sealing system easily replaced in situ.
  • Off the shelf – Wide variety of standard S-Series penstocks available for a Fasttrack option.
  • Larger sizes up to 2m aperture available on request.
  • Flush bottom closure is provided by a resilient bottom seal.

The new fabricated stainless-steel S-Series range is up to 30% lighter through a reduction in materials used.  This was achieved by concentrating material strength where required resulting in less welds.

The new design tool produces a detailed bill of materials utilising standardised components resulting in reduced manufacturing times.  This results in environmental benefits of less energy needed to manufacture, so a CO2 saving for the planet and reduced carbon footprint.

The modelling system has brought about the opportunity to seriously reduce lead times from enquiry to delivery as with base parameters provided by the client, the system generates a detailed specification, drawings, validation and cost in an easy-to-understand format.

The improved workflow has been matched by a streamlined manufacturing approach that realises efficiently the new design specifications to deliver a quicker to market product.