Packaged Inlet Screen - Self-Contained Inlet Plant

Sewage Screening Equipment

A combined package of screening and grit removal is a pre-requisite of wastewater treatment to make the ongoing effluent a manageable and consistent medium entering the next phase of treatment.

The system includes fabricated tanks which are modular or site specific to suit the flows and location. Depending on the flow and operating regime we can offer Travelling Fine or Band Screens

When you order Screens from Ham Baker you receive

  • In-house design & manufacture
  • Time served engineers who will help you get the solution you need
  • Installation from Ham Baker not a third party
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Survey and Inspection
  • Spares in stock to reduce downtime of critical plant
  • Refurbishment and screen rotation services


Packaged Inlet Screen

Sewage screening equipment

  • One Stop Shop’ ready to go Inlet Works
  • Manufactured in our works in a controlled factory environment
  • Pre-wired and pre-commissioned in our works
  • Designed to provide easy maintenance and access once installed
  • Single delivery and set into position
  • Minimal civil works required on site
  • Time on site greatly reduced
  • Health & Safety risks on site are minimised
  • Capacity – to suit client flow rate requirements
  • Typically 50 to 700l/s

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