Distributor Arms with Self-Seal Columns

Ham Baker self seal distributor column is a proven and reliable design that has been used the waste water industry for well over 50 years. Used in new build applications or used to replace old distributor installation where the original manufacture no longer exists. Self seal can be used to replace old makes of distributors like Farrer, Ames Crosta, Tomkinson, Whitehead & Poole, Simon Hartley
Feed Arrangement Siphon or Gravity or Pumped
Filter bed diameter range 6m to 35m
Flow Range 5 l/s to 65 l/s
Top Bearing design  Ball bearing
Column Sizes 100mm to 300mm
Asset life 25 years plus
Arm Size  50mm to 175mm
Ambient air temperature -10 to +40 degree C
Materials Cast iron
Drive arrangement External mounted
  • Suitable for beds up to 40m diameter
  • Flows from 3 – 80 l/s
  • Cast iron or fabricated centre column and duckfoot base for maximum life
  • Can receive pumped flows
  • Jet reaction or powered drive
  • The design life expectancy of over 25 years.

The Self-Seal Distributor is especially well suited to replacement of older types of distributor where modifications to the existing feed system would be both costly and time consuming. The centres are delivered to site, fully assembled to ensure down time on operational works are kept to a minimum.

The seal between the rotating and fixed columns is achieved by means of a simple nitrile ‘V’ seal running in gunmetal gland housing. The Self-Seal is also capable of taking a direct pumped flow and like the Weir Cresset can be configured to pass split flows to achieve optimum distribution at minimum and maximum flows.

The Self-Seal Distributor, similar to the Cresset Distributor, can be arranged with two arms for normal flows and the remaining two arms as overflow arms for excess flows.