Rectangular Distributors

Ham Baker has a long history of making distributors for rectangular filter beds. We offer cantilever type design in which you have a number of cantilever distributors working on the same filter bed independently of each other. The cantilever distributors run on rails mounted on the filter bed civil.
Feed Arrangement Siphon from Trough
Filter bed Width 20m to 50m
Filter bed length 30m to 200m
Travel distance Typical 10m to 50m
Asset life 25 years plus
Flow range 100l/s to 1000 l/s
Ambient air temperature -10 to +40 degree C
Drive arrangement Variable speed
  • Suitable for beds up to 50m span (Overhead)
  • Flows up to 325 l/s per machine
  • Galvanised tubular single or twin level soffit arms with top centre nozzles ensure arms are always full to enhance the overall balancing of the machine and give curtain flow distribution
  • STS Siphon and tanks (Other options available)
  • Stainless steel chassis and main frame (Other options available)
  • Power systems include Enclosed Conductor System, C Rail Festoon, Catenary Wire Festoon, Drum Reeling Cables or winch hauled
  • Rails can be positioned either on the top of the central feed channel walls or at the lower media coping level
  • Single flange tapered wheels which are inherently self-centring in operation therefore removes the possibility of motion crabbing
  • Intelligent local control panel and power distribution positioned at the end of the filter bed in an existing drive house building/kiosk with wireless communications to remote panel
  • Alternatively, two panels can be used with the first of which is predominately power distribution mounted at the end of the filter bed or in an existing drive house building/kiosk with the second panel mounted on the distributor

The Ham Baker range of cantilever travelling distributors takes all the experience of many years of manufacture and harnesses it with more up-to-date materials in the form of stainless steel and GRP (glass reinforced plastic), which leads to a very clean and low maintenance solution.  Our in-house engineering facility can modify the standard design to fit most existing installations.

If two or more travelling distributors are installed we can utilise the enclosed conductor system which can run the full length of the filter bed. This method of electrical feed offers the ability to be able to cover 90% of the total filter bed with only one machine, should circumstances arise where one or more machines need to be taken out of operation for maintenance purposes.

Our methodology for start/stop/turnaround of the machines is by means of an inverter drive to control each of the machines individually, which allows us to programme a nicely profiled deceleration/rest before the turnaround and then a similarly profiled acceleration to allow the machine to get back up to speed gradually.

This all helps to minimise the sudden mechanical shock loading on the machines, which in turn protects the structure, wheels, and suspension etc. from any exacerbated loads cause by excessive arm end movements being transmitted back to the main structure

To enable maximum bed coverage the machines incorporate an anti-collision mechanism which enables the designated travel of each machine to be configured marginally over its third proportion.

In the event that two machines arrive at the turn around point at the same time, we have incorporated an infra-red sensor system to initiate immediate turn around. This method allows for full bed coverage and no dry spots at the turnaround point of the distributors.

When large variations in flow rates are encountered, twin arm units can be supplied to ensure that even under minimum flow conditions satisfactory distribution can be achieved across the full width of the filter bed.

Benefits of Cantilever distributors

A cantilever distributor spans the width of the filters at both sides of the feed channel, a coverage for which rope hauled type machines would be required and as such needs only half the amount of rails, carriage wheels and bearings, which would be required for a bridge type distributor giving similar coverage. This can result in a considerable saving not only in initial expenditure but also in the cost of subsequent maintenance.

Compared with rope hauled type machines each distributor carries its own drive unit, therefore items such as winding gear and motor room, rope guiding rollers and their supporting plinths, limit and slack rope switched are not required.